Currently seeking financial investors and other interested parties who want to see this opportunity of developing and producing four motion pictures come true.

"Guardian Angel", which takes place in the spring, is the first in the development of a   four-season  detective series.  Additional  scripts (to be developed)  include  "Missing Persons" (summer season- a pregnant teenage friend of Alexandria's niece goes missing);  and "Twelve Days"  (a holiday-themed movie).  Several  ideas  are being considered  for the autumn season  script.


A series of bizarre  murders  has begin in West Park.  The victims are from different locations, different demographics, and are killed in very different ways.  One thing links them together  - every victim was left pinned with a gold, guardian angel pin.

Detective  Alexandria "Alex" Quimby is reunited with her ex-partner and ex-lover Marty Cordova,  to solve the murders, while also trying to reconcile their past.   

The first in what can be  a quad of  movies  focusing on Alexandria "Alex" Quimby,  a strong,  hard-working female detective and her attempts to rise in the ranks and use her knowledge and wits in what is still often considered a 'man's' occupation.

First in the series of Alexandria "Alex" Quimby murder-mystery films.