​​        "FOUR" is a feature  film comprised of four short films utilizing the same four

     actors,  each playing a different role in each short.  

     An opportunity for four actors to showcase their talent!

                                                                                                                                                                   THE FILMS

     DAILY BREAD - (genre: suspense) 

           What  happens when a man sworn to uphold the law comes face- to-face with

         a criminal in his own home?

     TEA FOR TWO (genre:  horror)  

         On  a Tuesday, Mortimer's regular daily routine of preparing tea for his wife, Ester, reveals a

          hidden   truth about their marriage.

       VOICE-OVER (genre: drama/musical)

             When a TV host is reunited with the up-and-coming musical star he outed for drug abuse,

            and theft, things hit a very sour note.

            HEATING & COOLING (genre: comedy/romance)

            A powerful executive, selling his mother's home, hires a HVAC repair person to inspect

          and repair the house's utility systems, and unexpectedly finds himself intrigued by the

           blue-collar employee.  

                                                                                      THE CAST

   Older Male - DON GALLO

  Older Female - TBD

   Younger Male - TBD

   Younger Female - TBD