When Cassidy Reynolds discovers her abusive ex-husband, Bruce, has not only gotten out of prison early but managed to locate her, it's bad. But when Bruce threatens to  take their son and vanish for five years as she did, Cassidy believes the only solution to her problem is to have Bruce killed.  

With access to ex-cons and the ability to  offer a reduction in probation time for their assistance, Cassidy convinces a group of them to accompany her to an old, abandoned  Scared-Straight-type camp to plot the murder.

 Instead, one by one, the ex-cons begin becoming victims instead.  WHO is doing the killing?  Is it Bruce?  An escaped prisoner that Bruce double-crossed?  One of the people who desire to see one of the ex-cons in the cabin done away with for good? 

Stuck in the mountains with no vehicle, no cell reception and no way out, the body count rises until there are but three people left. 


Investors:    Financial backers as partners
Donations:  Money.  Yep, we'll do a social funding-type event, but we take donations (general or project-specific) at any time!
Donations:  Goods or Services - every project needs it - food, drinks, gas, hotel rooms for out of town cast,   office supplies or office assitance (copies, scripts, paper clips, paper, toner, etc.), cell phones, etc.  
Volunteers:  We can always use an extra set of hands - pre-production, production, and post-production.  From making copies and phone calls, to helping build/decorate sets, to securing advertisers, we have work to be done!



1) abandoned light industrial type building or setting, and/or neglected large cabin or set of cabins in wooded area.
2)  Multiple Office Space with cubicles, etc., or space that can be designed to look like an office
3)  Homes to be the 'homes' of several chaarcters.
4)  Use of a day-care center for several shots.
5)  Police officer uniforms, male and female
6)  Restaurants (3)  to film scenes in

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