CHALLENGE FILMSis an entertainment projects development company.   We develop projects for movies, shorts, and television and we work with writers, actors, directors and production companies to create a project that will attract talent, financing and distribution.   Based just outside Buffalo NY,  most of our projects hope to see fruition here in the Buffalo/WNY area,   where the film community has been growing and NYS' tax incentive program for motion pictures makes working in NYS  a great idea once again! 

We have high hopes for 2019, with "FOUR" hopefully being produced and screening in the fall of 2019.  

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Every project involves numerous people, but  our current staff includes:

DonnaMarie Vaughan, Head Writer/Project Development/Producer

DonnaMarie has been with the company since the start and is an award-winning screenwriter and playwright.  She wrote, directed and co-produced our first feature project, "Henry's Future" and is the head writer on our next project, "Four".  She also wrote the award-winning short films "Homecoming" and "Mary's Christmas".  DonnaMarie is also an award-winning playwright, whose national comedy-award winning play, "Stuck!" was made into a short film.

Chloe Zoehlmann, Marketing Manager/Admin Manager

Chloe primarily heads up our marketing endeavors, and manages the confidential and administrative management portions of the business.  

But she's also been helpful in  scounting locations, fundraising and training volunteers. 

Courtney,  Adminstrative Assistant

Courtney helps with all the paperwork, emails and such by putting it its proper place!